Adidas Cloudfoam

Here to win another season on tracks, streets, and Instagram pages. The Adidas Cloudfoam is an attractive, versatile sneaker that prioritizes comfort but integrates style. Step into the lightweight shoes created as beautiful minimalistic silhouettes and easily kick any challenge that the day might bring on. 

Every model is designed to be easily combined with anything that you might have in your gym bag and many other moments that can come after.  Adidas Cloudfoam technology is created to provide the most superior cushioning, which molds to the foot for outstanding step-in. 

Women’s Cloudfoam sneakers are also the ideal travel companions — from weekend adventures to extended vacations. The ingenious design, perfectly soft, smooth mesh uppers, and excellent elastic outsole make them THE model for packing or pairing with every outfit in your bag.


What Are Adidas Cloudfoam Good For?

green Adidas Cloudfoam

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If having a chance to always have a feeling of walking in perfectly fit cloud shoes isn’t enough to show their value then the true worth can be found in their versatility. 

From being ideal running shoes that always provide minimal resistance to any surface to jumping in the tennis court and finally experiencing the comfort in sudden moves that you always wanted. 

Satisfied users and runners worldwide rave about the out-of-the-box comfort that today can only be found with Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam. They also recognize that, even though it is not made as a performance sneaker, it can still be used for numerous types of sports. 

Generally, users concluded that the Adidas Cloudfoam is true to size, they all love the overall design of the shoe, and unanimous conclusion among nearly all users is that these sneakers are simply worth every penny. 


Are Adidas Cloudfoam Good for Running?

blue adidas cloudfoam

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Let’s just say that running is their middle name. With such a good knit upper for enhanced comfort and breathability, these sneakers are made with soft textile filling to develop the natural feel of the shoes. Created with an advanced tongue-pull so that the footwear continuously adapt as they should. 

These sneakers have magnificently cushy midsole based on the Cloudfoam technology, which reduces shocks when you run. It’s easy to see why there are so many reasons why the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam will be your ideal choice for running on any surface. 


What Is Adidas Cloudfoam Ortholite?

white Adidas Cloudfoam

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The Adidas Cloudfoam Ortholite technology keeps things clean fresh with its fashionable design and comfy cushioning system. As a result of this advanced Cloudfoam Ortholite feature, the majority of satisfied users guarantee that they can last all day while wearing these sneakers. 

That is just one of many great perks about Adidas Cloudfoam Ortholite.

Besides, those who wore it for running, weight lifting, or tennis did not have any problems or complaints. Imperfections may be treated as trivial, primarily because of its affordable price tag. 



What is Cloudfoam Made Of?

Black adidas

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It’s also important to point out that Adidas Cloudfoam is made out of eco-friendly and sustainable recycled rubbers and proprietary polyurethane material which has anti-microbial properties. 

Cloudfoam polyurethane material is unmatched by anything on the market especially if you are looking for another iconic white Adidas shoes. Basically, its simple technology and simple idea, but the way Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam fuse this together, it definitely offers the most responsiveness and cushioning in a shoe that you can ask for. 


Are Adidas Cloudfoam Slides Waterproof?

Adidas Cloudfoam technology is both waterproof and water-resistant. Even though the shoe has excellent breathability and overall soft material, the water rappelling capabilities are also included. 

Many of the satisfied users declared it to be an exceptional shoe for running on slippery tracks, and they all confirm that their feet were always kept perfectly dry. 


Are Adidas More Comfortable Than Nike?

The topic of debate is in the air for decades. Both companies present shoes with outstanding comfort and various well-fitting adaptations. 

Still, with Adidas Cloudfoam, you can be sure that you made a choice for the most advanced cushioning that you can find on the market.


How Do You Know If Adidas Are Fake?

adidas cloudfoam origin

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Before making a final decision for your new shoe model, you might want to check out if the model of your choice is the authentic Adidas shoe. From apparent signs like the wrongly written Adidas logo to the sketchy out of place iconic ‘three stripes,’ there are also tiner details that might give away the shoe’s exact origin. 

It might be challenging to truly identify the genuinity of shoes just by simply looking at the picture on the internet, however, if you have a chance to have a hold of your desired model, you might find some clues that will help. 

Check for the inner and outer snitching lines as they should be perfectly the same on both shoes and in ideal order to the other parts of the shoe. The glue work should also be minimally dispersed along the bottom lining. 

Also, if you have a simple UV flashlight, the glue will glow blue as an indication of true Adidas origin; this is the safest method of identifying the genuinity of all Adidas shoes.


Can You Wash Adidas Shoes in the Washer?

The short answer is yes, and the long answer is yes, but it might damage your shoes if you set a wrong program on your washing machine. As you might already have guessed, your washer is designed to wash clothing and is simply not so adequate for twisting, throwing, and turning delicate running shoes for a long time in hot temperature. 

That could lead to permanent damage to Adidas Cloudfoam as it would to any other lightweight sneakers. If your washer has settings that allow you to set a program on a low temperature and quick 15-30 minute washing sessions, then you might give it a try. 

Other than that, we all know how easily our white Adidas shoes get sometimes dirty so it’s safest to take time and clean your shoes with your hands as it will prolong their lifetime and condition significantly.


Are Adidas Shoes on Amazon Real?

Yes, the Adidas Cloudfoam shoes that are sold on Amazon are authentic as the ones that you find in official Adidas stores. 

Amazon is simply but an authorized distributor that acts as a middle client between Adidas and any place on the globe that Amazon delivery service can step in. 

The greatest advantage of buying your Adidas shoes over Amazon is that you can find any Adidas sneaker model that exists without going anywhere from your chair. 


Adidas Return Policy

As proclaimed on their official website — Adidas offers free returns and exchanges on all orders made at within 30 days of the purchase. 

After you drop off your return package at the local drop off point, it can take 3-5 business days for the package to get to their warehouse. It also takes 1-2 days to transfer a refund to your payment account. 


Adidas Cloudfoam
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Adidas Cloudfoam
The Adidas Cloudfoam is an attractive, versatile sneaker that prioritizes comfort but integrates style. Step into the lightweight shoes created as beautiful minimalistic silhouettes and easily kick any challenge that the day might bring on.
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