Tens of millions of tourists, travelers, and backpackers a year cross from America (and all parts of the world) to Europe to fulfill the dream of touring the old continent. Divided into two parts, Western Europe and Eastern Europe where on average people come to visit famous tourist-oriented places like Spain. Italy, Germany, England but there are many other famous countries of Eastern part worth taking into notice. In this article, we are going to show you 5 amazing cities that will impress you with their culture and history. We can not state that some countries are better than the others since Eastern Europe is very unique and each country has its magic. Some of these cities are even considered the most beautiful in all of Europe such as St. Petersburg and Budapest.

1. Bucharest – Romania


The notorious vampire tales of Count Dracula and his charming land of Transylvania has reached far and wide. Tens of thousands of partygoers come to witness the new sensation of Eastern Europe that is nightlife of Bucharest. Its most famous landmark is the tremendous Palace of the Parliament which is the heaviest man-made object on earth stun every visitor that comes close enough. Romania has done a lot recently to attract foreign investment and judging from the sheer number of visitors every year the trend will only increase proving that the Bucharest is becoming one of the most thriving sports in this part of EU.

2. Tallinn – Estonia


The Queen of the Baltic, and wrongfully little known among the tourists coming from American continents. Tallinn is the Estonian capital, bordering with Latvia, Russia, and Finland. The historic center is perfectly preserved in an amazing display of Art-Nouveau architecture. Walking through this historical city means walking between castles and cobblestone streets, so learn some cool packing hacks and pack lightly. Tallinn has a lot to offer with tourism. From a beer in the Plaza Mayor to getting lost in its medieval streets with unique museums and cultural centers, there will hardly be a better place to feel the soul of Baltics.

3. St. Petersburg – Russia

Church Of The Savior

Baroque palaces and cathedrals that adorn one of the most famous postcards of the world. Its avenues homes one of the best museums in the world. The live display of the days when the tsars ruled this nation and the traces of the communist revolution. All this and much more await you in the labyrinth of canals and islands of the second largest Russian city. Bathed by the amber light of its White Nights the Church of the Savior stands out for its beauty and originality in the St. Petersburg Center. The summer nights in this city are an invitation to walk through its streets at any time. The true Slavic spirit can be seen everywhere when people start playing street music and make a celebration out of everything! Do not miss the opportunity to dine while overlooking the unmissable opening of a bridge over the Neva River.

4. Budapest – Hungary


Some call it “The Paris of the Danube “, others “The City of Thousand Baths ” but no one got the nickname wrong. The truth is that despite being the heir to a glorious past of the Habsburg Empire the Budapest is one of the most elegant and dreamy cities of the European continent. And even so in recent years, it has become a destination of authentic worship. Today Budapest stands as one of the epicenters of European Culture where millions of tourists annually come to witness the breathtaking beauty of cruises along the Danube and the unprecedented party euphoria of its residents. It doesn’t matter if you are coming here for the best nightlife or a bit of culture shock the Budapest will give you that and much more!

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