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The annual 71st Emmy Awards show held in Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles was full of surprises this year. It’s always a pleasure to watch the Emmys with your family and friends while snacking on some popcorn, drinking coke and commenting on all the beautiful and terrible dressed celebrities. Of course, we are there to always root for our favorite actors, actresses, and TV shows!

This year, despite the Brits having some tough political situations back home, took a lot of awards with Phoebe Waller-Bridge getting an award for Fleabag and Jodie Comer for Killing Eve and the list goes on. HBO had a fantastic night 34 Emmys this year! Michelle Williams gave one of the best speeches this year where she advocated for equal pay, you go girl! 

But today we wanted to share with you some amazing facts about the Emmys that shocked even us! 

A Ventriloquist Won the First Emmy

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The first Emmy was held in January of 1949 at the Hollywood Athletic Club. Unlike today the show started as a small and humble one (tickets were only $5). The first Emmy gave(only) six awards and the first-ever Emmy award was given to then 20-year-old Shirley Dinsdale! 

But she had to share this award with her puppet Judy Splinters! She got the award for the Most Outstanding Television Personality for The Judy Splinters Show

Why Emmy?

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We all love the show but have you ever thought about why is it called Emmy? Well, when the Television Academy was coming up with ideas for naming their awards show back in the 1940s, the founder Syd Cassyd suggested the name, Ike which stands for a television iconsopode tube. 

But his party had to disagree because they had concerns about the name sounding too political. The term was linked to WWII hero Dwight Eisenhower, so naturally, they didn’t want to get involved in unnecessary politics. So they came up with Immy which is another reference to the image-orthicon tube but wanted to give a little feminine touch to go with their female statuette and that’s how they finally came up with Emmy. 

Cable Shows Were Not Included Until 1988

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Can you imagine an Emmy show without HBO? Without Game of Thrones being nominated or True Detective, Veep, Succession, THE SOPRANOS? Today that is completely an unimaginable scenario but it wasn’t always like that. 

Cable shows had their own special awards show called the CableACE Awards while network shows had the Emmys. It was not until 1988 that Emmys changed their rules and decided to finally include cable shows — a wise decision if we might add. 

You Have to Pay for Your Emmy!

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This one is pretty shocking but when you think about it a little more it actually makes a lot of sense. If you want to take your lovely statuette lady home you have to pay for it. Each statuette takes about 5 hours to make and the final cost is $400! 

The statuette is carefully molded and coated at R.S Owen’s in Chicago. It’s coated with a mix of copper, nickel, silver, and gold. 

Academy Awards Won the Most Emmys!

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So it seems that the favorite show of Emmy is the Academy Awards, which is kind of funny but also very interesting in some way. The Academy Awards were nominated exactly 195 Emmy awards! The first-ever show to be nominated as the Academy Awards held in 1955. 

And since that won 46 times and got awards for Outstanding Art Direction For Variety,

Nonfiction and so on, beating greatly celebrated shows like SNL, The Voice and more. 

Non-Traditional Networks Were Included…

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Just like they took their time with awarding cable TV shows, they took their time with some other alternative streaming services. Just like people couldn’t imagine the Emmys without HBO shows, for example, newer generations won’t be able to imagine any TV show awards without Netflix or other streaming services. 

The first show to actually win an Emmy was, of course, one the greatest shows ever, House of Cards. And with millennials and generation Z internet habits it’s good that Hollywood finally began to understand the importance of including phenomenal shows even if they aren’t traditionally broadcasted. 

Mad Men and Their Actors

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The popular series Mad Men over the course of the show’s runtime was nominated 97 times! Which is an enormous accomplishment for this fantastic show. Over the years they collected 15 wins but none of those awards were given to the show’s actors! 

Not a single Emmy was given to their actors. But Elizabeth Moss isn’t complaining anymore because she received two Emmys for the Handmaid’s Tale in which she is the main actress. Not only that but she has also been proclaimed as the Queen of Peak TV.  So no hard feelings. 

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