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Although you shouldn’t shout for the whole world to hear, we are sure that you can name more than one sex toy and that the first one that came to your mind was the dildo. That is probably because internationally it proves to be the most used one, especially for women, but, did you know that the oldest one is just over 30,000 years old? Or that before the vibrators the doctors cured the “hysteria” by soaking their hands in vegetable oil and massaging the genitals of the women until they reached the climax. These are just some of the facts interesting facts that we will amaze you about pleasure toys.

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f you thought that sex toys are a recent creation, you are in a big mistake! Although their date of birth is not known exactly, the ancient Greeks made figures of penises made of wood around the year 500 BC And the Kamasutra created approximately in 500 AD. The book contains references that the gloves made of skin were used to lengthen the male sexual organ.

The first vibrator was invented in 1869 by the American George Taylor. Its purpose was to become an effective tool for the treatment of “hysteria” in women that was thought to be caused by lack of sex. The instrument could only be used by doctors before it arrived in sex shops many many years later.

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Although there is a wide variety of sex toys, those that remain the best sellers around the world are vibrators, dildos, and lubricants. But, since the launch of the 50 Shades of Gray erotic novel, Chinese balls, handcuffs, whips have increased their sales in a surprising way buy 5 times!

The most expensive sex toy in the world is a white gold vibrator with 117 encrusted diamonds, worth just over $ 55,000.

Animals occasionally also use sex toys too. Female porcupines in captivity have been known to place a stick between their legs and drag it across the ground to feel the vibration against their body.

It is estimated that 52.5% of all women in the world have used a vibrator once.

There are replicas of dildos of famous porn stars like James Deen and Ron Jeremy, and other celebrities (such as members of the band Rammstein).

You can become an addict! Since you can reach the degree of preferring to use any of these, instead of looking for a partner. A sex toy should never be a substitute for a human being. It is simply for self-satisfaction or as part of the games between couples.

The oldest known dildo is 30,000 years old and was unearthed in a cave in Germany.

They can be controlled remotely! For couples who have a long distance relationship, there are toys that can be controlled remotely to give pleasure to your partner. Just by using imagination and the internet.

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