The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is one of the most powerful, influential and richest countries in the world! It is the birthplace of many greats from the past and present such as William Shakespeare, The Beatles, Charles Darwin Elton John, David Beckham and many, many more.The UK has a lot to be proud of – they have a rich history, great lands, monumental figures, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. People from all over the world come to celebrate all the festivities you can imagine. A mind-blowing New Year’s Eve in London or a thrilling Christmas party in Leicester, jolly St. Patric’s day in Dublin or a lovely Valentine’s day in Manchester. If you choose to spend your holiday in one of these beautiful cities we advise you to take our little quiz to find out how much you know about this great country!

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I’ve always been fascinated with quizzes, trivia, and the intricate process of learning. Ever since I was a girl, I love to solve elaborate riddles and figure out what makes us tick. Much to my excitement, the passion for mind games and play lead me to make a career in child pedagogy and psychology. I’m convinced that through play and positive stimulation, us humans are able to learn the quickest. That is why I created The Quizzery website, which serves as an online space for promoting lateral thinking, mindfulness, and everything that gets your creative juices flowing.