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Although micro bags are having a big comeback, especially on Pinterest and Instagram, laptop bags for women are essential in every working woman’s wardrobe. The majority of women settle with laptop bags that are not very fashionable just because they are advertised that way. You have probably seen plenty of those laptop bags on various online electronic device shops. 

But why settle for something that is boring when you can have a stylish laptop bag? And the secret to finding the perfect laptop bag is by finding the right size of the bag! 

Here we are going to present you the best 7 laptop bags for women that are not only going to serve the purpose of a laptop bag, but that are also stylish and made from only high-quality material! 

Modern Work Laptop Bags

Leather Laptop bags for women

A modern woman who is best described as a strong, conscientious and attentive person that besides all of her qualities regarding her work ethic also has a fantastic sense of style. A leather laptop bag for women has in the modern working woman’s wardrobe become as an essential accessory as comfortable and stylish shoes. What a modern working woman knows is that her laptop bag doesn’t necessarily have to be rectangular to be considered a laptop bag for women it just has to fit her laptop! 

A Modern Working Tote Bag

A tote bag is considered to be one of the best types of handbags for women who are regularly on the go. Whether they are jam-packed with work and have long working hours or travel a lot for work a tote bag can serve as not only a stylish and fashionable piece but also carry all of your work essentials. 

Tote laptop bags for women can look quite exquisite and sleek especially if made from authentic Italian leather.  Almost every great tote bag has a fantastic interior that can help you keep everything organized and in place. 

When looking for a tote bag that will be perfect for your laptop, choose the one that has plenty of compartments and that is the proper dimension. Also, any additional zippers are a plus considering that they will protect your valuables. A perfect leather laptop bag for women is the one you can also bring with yourself to important meetings without compromising your sense of style. Terrida leather tote bag is a perfect example of a fantastic tote bag suitable for carrying a laptop. 

Smart Messenger Laptop Bag

A messenger bag is universally loved by both women and men and is considered to be one of the most practical and smart-looking bags that can be found today. There are plenty of laptop bags for women that resemble a messenger bag but only a few can receive the title of being elegant, made from high-quality material and stylish. 

A messenger bag can be the perfect “neutral” bag if your fashion sense is a bit on the neutral side — meaning you love to wear monochromatic colors, neutral designs of clothes but still like to look highly fashionable and value high-quality bags made from genuine Italian leather. 

A messenger bag can serve as the perfect leather laptop bag for women because of its shape, many interior compartments that have plenty of additional zippers that will keep your valuables safe and organized. Leather messenger bag is the perfect example of a neutral, elegant and sleek bag perfect for carrying a laptop. 

Casual Laptop Bags

Casual Laptop Bag

Casual bags are often times very small, cute and are suitable for carrying only a handful of things like your mobile phone, keys, a wallet, maybe a lipstick or two and that’s that. And if you’re a woman who works in a modern office that doesn’t require you to wear certain kinds of clothes and is just overall very casual then you don’t have to worry yourself with finding laptop bags for women that are strictly professional looking. Also if you are a young woman just finishing college and often visit the library to study and want to be casually fashionable there are types of bags for that too! 

Cool, Casual Backpacks

What’s more cool and casual than a laptop backpack? Backpacks are considered to be one of the ultimate hands-free bags that is usually large enough to contain a laptop, tablet, books, papers, notebooks, and even an extra hoodie for those cold nights. Backpacks are definitely perfect for women who tend to be away from home for many hours. 

They have plenty of space and usually have at least two interior compartments making them one of the best choices when it comes to laptop bags for women. And one of the most stylish backpacks are definitely leather backpacks. They look absolutely stunning and bring out those vintage vibes that only genuine Italian leather can emit.  

Leather backpacks are designed in a way that is always going to be in style. A leather laptop backpack for women will not only keep your hands free and help you carry everything you need but will also make you a stylish yet cool and casual individual. A perfect model of such a backpack is the minimalist Pratesi leather backpack! 

Everyday Duffle Bags 

Duffle bags are not only popular among men. Just like messenger bags, they are equally loved by women and men, but for some reason, men tend to wear them more often. Duffle bags are usually known for being a perfect substitute for heavy luggage or the perfect gym clothing bag. But leather duffle bags serve a much greater purpose than just carrying gym clothes. 

Duffle bags serve as one of the greatest laptop bags for women because not only are they spacious and can carry all sorts of necessities including your laptop, but are also very casual and perfect for carrying around every day. When looking for a good laptop duffle bag always make sure they have enough compartments. 

Also, make sure they have an additional adjustable shoulder strap if you get tired of carrying it around in your hands. A duffle leather laptop bag for women will meet all of your needs through the day as they have a great carrying capacity and can be combined to look absolutely cool no matter your personal style. Terrida duffle bag is the ideal model for a laptop bag. 

Laptop Bags Suitable for Traveling

Finding a bag suitable for frequent traveling which also goes well with your style can be quite a challenge. You usually need something that is small, but large enough to fit all of your necessities and to go well with your overall sense of style. The good news is that you can find laptop bags for women that can not only carry your laptop but also a few things you might need on the way. But if you don’t mind carrying your luggage and a carry-on laptop purse there is a suitable bag for that also. 

Doctor Style Travelling Bag

The doctor style traveling bag is one of the most exclusive handbags on the market. Their highly sophisticated style makes them always in demand by women who are into high-end fashion and like to stay fashionable even when traveling frequently. 

The doctor style traveling bag came to fame thanks to the comic book character, the fearless Wonder Woman, Diana. The doctor style bag has been proven not only as a bag that is perfect for containing your clothes and toiletries but also as a perfect leather laptop bag for women! It’s undoubtedly stylish and has enough space to contain everything you will need during your trip. 

The only downfall to this type of bag is that they usually don’t have interior compartments. But, you can always pack your stuff by importance. So at the end of the bag you can pack extra shoes or pants and on the top, your precious laptop. This sleek Pratesi doctor’s bag is just ideal for traveling. 

Elegant Briefcase 

Although briefcases are mainly sold to men, many women, especially those who work in the justice department and often travel, have learned the benefits an elegant briefcase carries with itself. This being said briefcases have been proven to be one of the most sophisticated looking laptop bags for women

They bring a certain kind of seriousness to an overall look of a businesswoman or a woman working in the justice department making them not only serious, conscientious and strong on the inside but also on the outside. The great thing about using a briefcase as a leather laptop bag for women is in their fantastic interior compartments that will always help you stay organized no matter how many papers you bring with yourself. 


Hopefully, this extensive blog post has helped you decide which laptop bags for women suit you the best. We tried to divide them into three main categories by the type of job you do and the overall style that occupation requires. 

If you have any additional questions and would like to share your thoughts you are free to contact us or leave a comment below. 

6 Stylish Laptop Bags For Women
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