In the array of all the cute Lilo & Stitch characters one stands out more than others. Lilo Pelekai is an adorable Hawaiian girl in love with Elvis music. Her parents have died in a traffic accident, and she only has her sister Nani Pelekai, who works many hours to get both ahead. Lilo, meanwhile, is a rebel spirit that always ends up in trouble, often creating trouble for her older sister along the way.

Despite her sympathy and joy, the little girl does not have many friends. She feels very lonely, and one day she asks God to send her an angel so she can play with her. Coincidentally, at that same moment, an extraterrestrial spacecraft on which the alien experiment 626 travels lands on Earth.

Lilo confuses him with a dog and adopts him, which will lead both of them to have endless adventures. At the same time, the creator of Stitch – Jumba, and Agent Peakley arrive on the island to seize him and return him to space.

To do this, they will have to disguise themselves as human beings, more specifically, as a funny married couple.

Stitch is very aggressive and breaks everything he touches. Living with Lilo at the beginning will be complicated, but little by little, it will make them discover that having a family can be better than destroying everything in his path.

“Ohana means family. And your family never leaves you or forgets you.”

Nani fears that Lilo’s custody will be taken away, and she works many hours to create an excellent image to social advisers. The youngest, meanwhile, feels very isolated, as the other girls in her class laugh at her. Both argue, shout at each other, and say hurtful things, but then they always make settle down and realize that love is the most important thing between them.

They know that they are family and that the family, despite everything, always supports each other. In the same way, Stitch ends up correcting his behavior to be able to fit with them.

Kindness, gratitude, and courage are qualities that are strongly represented in Disney’s classic that every person, old or young, should see sooner or later.

Lilo and Stitch Games

One is an adorable little Hawaiian girl and the other is an extraterrestrial creature, who the little girl sees as her beloved pet. 

Mysteries, quests, and struggles follow the two of them as they cope to keep the Stitch as part of their big family.

Disney’s most famous alien won TV screens and millions of hearts right from the moment that he popped up on posters all around the world.

Assuming that you watched the show and already made up your mind for the most favourable lilo & stitch characters, all you have to do now is start this quiz to see whether that one is truly the one that reflects your personality.

So what are you waiting for? Take this quiz to find out the answer!

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List of Lilo & Stitch Characters

Down below you will find a full list of Lilo & Stitch characters with a brief introduction about all of them. 

  • Lilo Pelecai
  • Stitch
  • Nani Pelekai
  • Jumba Jookiba
  • Pleakley
  • Captain Gantu
  • David Kanewa
  • Cobra Bubbles
  • Grand Councilwoman
  • Rescue Lady
  • Mrs. Hasagawa

Lilo Pelekai

Lilo Pelekai Character

Lilo Pelekai is an excellent example of a child character written well. Most fictional kids are one dimensional and don’t act like real children at all; however, Lilo displays all the facets attributes and quirks of genuine kids.

She could be bratty, weird, nonsensical, and annoying, but she is also full of tenderness and empathy for others, and she has a fantastic level of imagination.

The way she takes is incredibly reminiscent of children you have surely met. Everyone just loves how oddball she is! She is happy being herself, and that is brilliant considering the sad past that she had to endure.


Stitch Character

Stitch has the most hilarious presence in the film! Giving us the best laughs and being consistently entertaining. But he is more than just a comic relief sidekick for Lilo.

The film gives him a very human story arc, there is a soul moving element of tragedy to his existence that the film boldly recognizes. He is a blank slate created by a mad scientist with a single desire to destroy.

However, his interactions with humans, especially Lilo, help him to develop a conscience now longing for intimate connection. Oh, and when talking about the intimate connections how can we not mention the charming Angel Stitch? His beautiful pink counterpart made everyone burst in laughter as they witnessed how Stitch and Angel cuddled and fooled around.

All in all, Stitch has a remarkably natural character progression that slowly develops throughout the film about being too jarring or certain.

Nani Pelekai

Nani Pelekai Character

Nani Pelekai is a character that every adult can totally empathize with. She loves her little sister and wants to keep her close, but it’s not easy being Lilo’s little sister and parent at the same time.

Watching her struggling to find employment, looking after Lilo, and tolerating the lousy behavior of Stitch makes every adult heart sink for her to say at least.

You can tell that she wants to live her life, but she has so many responsibilities to face.

Jumba Jookiba

Jumba Jookiba

A brilliant and chubby scientist responsible for creating the most dangerous Stitch, among other chilling genetic experiments. Despite his alleged evil personality, he is a friendly and polite guy who, in the end, will end up being part of Lilo’s family.

Dr. Jumba learns along with the tape how his inventions, despite being created for evil, can learn not to be.

A flaw in his system that he was not able to see and that teaches us how evil is not inherent but learned.



Pleakley worked for “The Galactic Federation,” and acts as an expert on planet Earth when he really doesn’t know anything.

He reluctantly accompanies Dr. Jumba Jookiba in the capture of Experiment 626 (Stitch), and later becomes his best friend and roommate when the two stay to live on Earth.

His real name is “Wendy,” which on his planet means “Brave Warrior.” She has a great tendency to dress up as a woman (maybe because she likes to wear a wig).

Captain Gantu

Captain Gantu

Captain Gantu is the arch-enemy of Lilo and Stitch. He is an extremely large and muscular extraterrestrial (although he has a funny looking belly), with a sharp personality.

Gantu looks like a bipedal whale, has blue eyes and pillar-like legs, and wears a black battle shirt and black shorts.

When he is seen by people from Hawaii, he typically tries to impersonate himself as a person from Samoa – to make the things even more hilarious.

David Kawena

David Kawena

Another character that most adults can relate to and, of course, Nani’s dear boyfriend.

He is kind, shy, honest, a great surfer, and like Nani, he also has trouble finding a job.

David is also the only one of the few human beings who remain beside the Pelekai family, and of the few who are aware that Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley are aliens.

Cobra Bubbles

Cobra Bubbles

Cobra Bubbles stands as one of the characters that made every kid “Boo” on the screen immediately as they saw him.

He works as a social worker and makes sure that Lilo lives happily with his sister, but he is also a former CIA agent.

Cobra is a towering, muscular figure with dark skin and droopy eyes usually hidden by sunglasses. He speaks in a loud, slightly threatening voice that made many kids find him to be some antagonist when, in fact, he is by no means evil.

Grand Councilwoman

Grand Councilwoman

The Grand Councilwoman, a just but strong and stringent leader of the Galactic Council, only wants to preserve peace in the galaxy.

At times she can be exceptionally temperamental, particularly when she is disappointed by those under her employment.

Nevertheless, she does have times when she displays compassion, being all about the law and order that is above all in her eyes.

Rescue Lady

Rescue Lady CharacterSusan operates an animal shelter where, when running from Jumba and Pleakley, Stitch ends up getting thrown back. At the very time, Nani goes to the rescue center to get Lilo a pet to curb her behavior, and Lilo happens to find Stitch and gets intrigued with him immediately.

She gets scared at first by his presence as Stitch is presented to Susan but gradually settles down when Lilo says she wants to foster him with great care.

Other than that, Susan is very kind, helpful, and at times slightly neurotic. But who wouldn’t be when they saw the alien for the first time?

Mrs. Hasagawa

Mrs. Hasagawa

Mrs. Lynne Hasagawa is an elderly, kind, and sometimes forgetful fruit vendor who owns a fruit stand that Nani and Lilo regularly visit.

Nani also pursues Mrs. Hasagawa for a job at her fruit stand. Nonetheless, Mrs. Hasagawa does not recognize Nani, and it takes Nani a few days to inform Mrs. Hasagawa about her ad in the magazine.

Other than that, she is kind, caring, and the forgetful lady that you can’t help but love from the moment you see her.

Lilo and Stitch cast

Among the many Lilo & Stitch characters the most recognizable is the one of Daveigh Chase who voices Lilo. She is wonderfully energetic in the role, and she reads every line with stunning natural emotion. It’s undoubtedly one of the best child performances ever put to an animated feature.

Chris Saunders who also co-directed and co-wrote Lilo and Stitch voices Stitch. It’s a terrific voiceover full of so much emotional range. Saunders is so good at making stage sound incredibly alive. Tia Carrere voices Nani. She gives a character this rich mature delivery that fixes the role so well.

David Ogden Stiers voices Jumba, providing a jolly psychotic Eastern European accent that makes him sound like a mad scientist from a 1950s b-movie.

Kahan McDonald from the Canadian Comedy Kids in the hall, voices Pleakley. While his one voice is very suitable for his neurotic character, he sometimes sounds a bit granting from time to time, just as his voice needed to be perfectly annoying.

Characters Cast
Lilo Pelekai Daveigh Chase
David Kawena Jason Scott Lee
Tia Carrere Nani Pelekai
Chris Sanders Stitch
David Ogden Stiers Jumba Jookiba
Kevin Michael Richardson Captain Gantu
Ving Rhames Cobra Bubbles
Zoe Caldwell Grand Councilwoman
Amy Hill Mrs. Hasagawa
Kevin McDonald Pleakley
Daveigh Chase Lilo Pelekai
Lilo and Stitch Characters
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