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Moving into a new home can be an exciting experience, but at the same time, it can also be an exhausting one. If you don’t know where to start, no worries because we provided for you a new home checklist that will save you the trouble. 

As exciting as it can be moving into a new home can also be an overwhelming journey. Many people are looking forward to starting their new life but there is also a lot of preparation involved. You have a million things on your mind. From things you took for granted such as hot water and water pressure to comforters. That’s why organization is key if you want to experience a smooth moving process. 

We made a list of moving essentials and important details you mustn’t overlook. Whether you are in a hurry to move or have plenty of time to organize, this checklist will help you to sort out essential house moving steps. 

New Home New Beginning

New Home New Beginning

There’s no need for home decorators if you’re feeling a little creative. There’s plenty of information online on home interior design that will spark up your imagination. Although there are a few things you should set in order before you start thinking about interior design it’s what keeps people excited about moving. 

You can get yourself a new home new beginning board that is going to remind you that although there is a lot to do before you actually settle in, it’s going to be a completely new start for you and your family. This board will keep you motivated because there are a lot of things you’ll need to complete before you can actually call your new residence a home. 

Things to Do Before Entering a New House

Entering a New House

Before you start packing and unpacking there are a couple of important tasks that you’ll need to complete. The sooner you cross these major tasks of your new home checklist the sooner you’ll be able to settle in and start enjoying the perks of new beginnings

What are those pre-move essentials? 

  • Taking the time from work. 
  • Scheduling home improvements.
  • Cleaning. 
  • Updating your address & set utilities.
  • Changing locks. 
  • Gathering important documents & valuables. 

Take off from work 

This is the number one thing you should mark on your new home checklist. Working non-stop and moving don’t go hand in hand. You’ll feel agitated and won’t be able to focus on either of these things. Your work performance will suffer and your moving process will become much slower. 

So talk to your employer, or if you have your own business, make sure you complete all of the major work tasks before you take your time off. Within the first couple of days of your move, you’ll be living in a sea of unpacked boxes and that isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. Especially if you don’t even know where your clothes are. 

So, take at least two days when moving. Because not only will you be living in a sea of boxes but there are also repairs and installations that need to be scheduled.


Schedule home improvements

Scheduling major home improvements is an essential house renovation part of moving. Whether you want to redo your walls or check leaky plumbing all of those things need to be settled before you move in. These improvements and repairs need to be scheduled on time if you want to move into your new home without facing major problems. 

If you get the messy stuff out of your way first, life will be so much easier for you. So make sure to check the plumbing, window locks, door locks, creaky stairs or floors, clogged pipes, uneven paint on walls, the garbage disposal, electrical outlets, etc. 

This isn’t the most appealing part of moving but it is a crucial task you need to check off of your new home checklist

Clean your new home 

Before you unpack and start thinking about potential interior design styles you should make sure your new home is squeaky clean. If you don’t have the time to clean up everything you can always hire a cleaner to do that for you. But if you enjoy watching your new home transform from a messy place to a clean and fresh space then you won’t have any trouble do it on your own. 

Start from your floors and make sure you sweep and mop them thoroughly. Wash and vacuum your carpets, bleach the bathroom and kitchen floors. Then you can move on to cleaning windows and doors. And of course, clean the inside and outside of your fridge and oven. Don’t forget about the insides of your cabinets, drawers, shelves, and closets as well. 

Update your address and set utilities 

Our new home checklist also includes setting up your new address. The sooner you get this done the better for you, as you won’t have trouble with lost mail etc. So, alert your post office that you are changing your address. You should also change it on important accounts like your bank account, credit card, health insurance, car insurance, subscriptions, memberships, etc.

Don’t forget to contact your gas and electric companies as well. You can also contact your cable and Internet provider as they are most likely going to transfer your account to your new address without any trouble. If this isn’t an option make sure you search for local services before you settle in. 

Change your locks  

Even if you are the kind of person who trusts people and even if you like the previous owner there’s no way of knowing how many copies of your house key are out there. And what’s more important who has them. So make sure you change your locks. You’ll have peace of mind and new door hardware is not very expensive. After you changed your locks make a few extra copies for your family and a trusted friend in case of emergencies. 

Gather important documents & valuables

The perks of new beginnings don’t mean you should forget your documents. Make sure you gather all those extremely important documents and place them somewhere safe. Make sure you have your birth certificate, social security card, medical records, insurance policies, marriage or divorce papers, professional appraisals… This simply can’t get overlooked on your new home checklist

Also, make sure you take photos of your most praised valuables. Gather them and in one place and instead of making a mental image, shoot an actual photo of them. That way you won’t forget anything and your praised valuables won’t “get lost”. And if by any chance any of these valuables get damaged during your move you’ll have proof of the condition they were before you moved. 

Modern Home Essentials

Modern Home Essentials

Here we are not going to talk about essential repairs that need to be set in order before you move into your new home, but about different interior design styles, you can think about when decorating your living space. These details truly make your house/apartment feel like your home. 


Walls without some artwork usually look a little “naked”. But what’s so great about having artwork on your walls is that you can customize it in a way that will reflect your taste in art and overall sense of style. The options are practically limitless. If you want to put up a replica of the “Mona Lisa” you can. If you want to find a replica of any artwork done by Andy Warhol, you can. 

This is the fun part of moving, and the fun part of a new home checklist. You can let your imagination go wild and choose a piece of art that speaks to you. Choose artwork that makes you happy, reminds you of something or makes you inspired. 

Take your time when choosing any artwork. And remember that it doesn’t have to be anything overly expensive. The most important thing is that you love it and that it shows off your sense of style and personality. 

Surround yourself with plants

Not only do they make any interior space look ethereal and beautiful plants are also very beneficial for you. Plants will bring your home a touch of nature we all so desperately need. If you are not used to taking care of plants, no worries because many people aren’t. Luckily there are plenty of plants that don’t require too much attention. 

These plants will not only make your space look aesthetically pleasing but they will also purify and increase the quality of air in your home. But if you have pets or small children make sure the plants you choose are not harmful to them. 

Some of the most low maintenance plants that are not only beautiful but also increase the quality of air are: 

  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Jade plant
  3. Philodendron
  4. Snake plant
  5. Rabbit’s ear
  6. Spider plant
  7. Chinese evergreen
  8. Air plant
  9. Peperomia
  10. Dieffenbachia


Finding a place for a big bookshelf should definitely find its way on your new home checklist. Books we read are a reflection of who we are. And you don’t have to have hundreds of books you are not going to read. That’s just a waste of money. And tress.

Find a bookshelf that’s going to be fitting for your overall interior design and fill it up with not only your favorite books but also small porcelain figurines, a small jewelry box, vases and anything else you find dear and beautiful. 

What’s Next? 

The only thing left to do is to throw a housewarming party! Once you’re done with unpacking, had everything repaired and decorated it’s time to celebrate with the people who are closest to you. This is the time to celebrate new beginnings and start making memories in your new home. So don’t forget to include a housewarming party on your new home checklist

New Home Checklist - Essential Steps
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