How well do you know your favorite celebrity? At first glance, they all seem glamorous and untouchable yet as you take a closer look, weird things about their lives start to surface. Do you know that Rihanna spends around one million dollars on her hair every year? Or that Steve Jobs thought that his diet gave him the ability to completely forget about hygiene and never take a shower? These are just some of the Shocking facts that we will reveal to you today.

1. Lady Gaga Has An Actual Phasmophobia, The Fear Of Ghosts

Lady Gaga

Whenever someone says “shocking” Gaga mysteriously appears. A pop diva and global trendsetter with chic hair accessories and sci-fi dresses even appeared in the famous TV series American Horror Story. But did you know that she actually hired a professional poltergeist team to investigate her home recently? She claims that fear of ghosts was present with her life since childhood and that she had to spend 50.000$ on the special electromagnetic device so she can finally sleep well.

2. Steve Buscemi Was A New York City Firefighter

Steve Buschemi

Steve has a great Hollywood carrier and we are lucky enough to have seen him in some big movies. But this manly part wasn’t something anyone would associate with him. Surprisingly, Buscemi had worked as a New York City firefighter for four years before starting his acting career. After the 9/11 incident, he worked with his former colleagues 12 hours long shifts for days anonymously helping his team rescue survivors under the rubble. Truly a thing worth mentioning. He once stated that he still maintain good relations with his former colleagues even when he went on to be a Hollywood superstar.

3. Steve Jobs Paid Zero Attention To His Hygiene

Steve Jobs

Brilliant and innovative. That’s how we all remember one of the founders of Apple and the mind behind the smartphone idea. But ask former and present employees of his company and they wouldn’t agree so much. Not only that he was known to act in the most unexpected and negative way just to show off his ego but he thought that his diet would relieve him of any kind of bad odor. Yup… if you didn’t know that, the noses of employees certainly did. Allegedly he thought that special mix of vegetables that he ate every day was just enough to never use a shower. There were countless reports from workers stating that his presence was unbearable but Steve just continued to play his game.

4. Khloé Kardashian Has Serious Long-Term Memory Loss As A Result Of The Car Accident

Khloe Kardashian

It must be devastating to realize that at some point in your life you will start to forget certain things that happened in your childhood. For one of the members of the famous Kardashian family, such unpleasing condition happened earlier than expected and all as a result of a car crash in 2001. Khloé went straight through the windshield and nearly survived the accident.  During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloé said: “I find it really irritating and frustrating and a little sad not being able to remember many things from my childhood because of that car accident”.

5. Rihanna Spends More Than One Million Dollars On Her Hair Annually


How many times did we hear about spending shenanigans of celebrities and thought “Well this time they really went too far.” Thousands of dollars for clothes and jewelry and the most expensive vacations imaginable. But when talking about shocking numbers did you hear that Rihanna spends more than one million dollars for maintaining her hair in perfect condition every year? Her stylist team and other people close to the pop star surprisingly said that the actual number is $1,168,000 to be exact. Looks like someone succeeded in their career…

6. Woody Harrelson’s Dad Was A High Profile Hitman

Something clearly not to be proud of but Hollywood star stated that the life of his father was the inspiration for too many roles during his rich career. His dad was a hitman and killed a federal judge in the United States. It was all part of an organized crime that made all suspects escape the country. He even confessed to killing John F. Kennedy, although later the FBI concluded that it was false. In 1995 he tried to escape from prison but failed. He died of a heart attack in 2007 when the famous actor came forward and told the public a shocking story about his father.

7. Ben Stiller Had A Serious Problem With Chocolate Addiction

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller has captivated us and made us laugh with his roles in Zoolander, My girlfriend Polly, The family of my girlfriend and The incredible life of Walter Mitty. What most of us did not know was that Ben had to attend hypnosis-based therapy to treat a strange addiction. He could not leave the delicious M&M’s chocolates since he consumed almost a pound of these sweets per day! Ben took therapy in 1999 and it worked for a while to control his impulse to eat the chocolates. But after six months he ended up going back to the M & M’s, now he only eats one package. Well, at least it’s an improvement.

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