Heroine Quiz

“To God, I witness that they will not be able to crush me. I will live above all this and have finished, I will never know what hunger is, neither I nor any of mine. Even if I have to cheat, to be a thief or murderer To God, I witness that I will never go hungry again.” This mythical phrase of Scarlett O’Hara contributed to the consecration of a myth. More than a literary heroine, the protagonist of Gone With the Wind embodies inspiring values ​​such as Strength and Independence.

Like her, some female figures of classical literature devised by authors, in many cases revolutionary, gave us real-life lessons. And although they did not exist, they became the symbol of those women who refused to accept the prejudices of their time, rejected stereotypes and lived freely, without accepting their status as a submissive or subordinate woman to a man.

Remembering them is a necessity, almost a duty, taking into account the difficulties we face today. Although the problems and demands of women in the nineteenth century already seem to be far behind, stereotypes continue to condition the current functioning of our society.

Heroines of the past that have not aged and above all, that we do not tire of remembering, make up this quiz that should inspire you and encourage you to always fight for what you really want.

So, are you ready to find out which classic heroine reflects the ideals of your personality the best?

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